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Hi! I'm Jim Tracy, the manager of JLT Paintball. I'm here to answer your questions about the great sport of paintball and to help you own the best paintball gun and equipment that's within your budget.




Welcome to JLT Paintball Pro Shop...
   Paintball LLC is the only full Pro Shop in all of eastern Oregon. When you purchase your paintball equipment and supplies from JLT you support your local paintball shop and field. For you, this means a place to fill your CO2 and air anks, quality products and professional help with your paintball marker. When you purchase your paintball marker from JLT you get free service, and JLT will instruct you on how to service, maintain and clean your JLT maker. Also, there is no addditional charge on installation of upgrade parts such as drop forwards, triggers, stock or whatever. When you purchase products from JLT Paintball you will receive SERVICE - SERVICE - SERVICE!

Store Hours

Store Hours 9-5 Monday - Saturday
Sunday afternoon on the Field (game day)
Always call first. 1-541-567-3498 or 541-571-3498
After hours Jim may be available. Call and inquire.
Go to the store link for a map to JLTpaintball and Pro shop.

Game time
We're back on the field for 2012 the first Sunday of March!
Show up time is 1:30 p.m.
Tell your friends!
No field fees, JLT field paint only.
The field is west of Stanfield. Take 395 to the stoplight in the middle of Stanfield,
turn on West Coe, cross the railroad tracks, then cross the Umatilla River.
Take a right through the open gate.
If you have any questions, call Jim's cell: 541-571-3498
or the JLT Shop: 541-567-3498

Check out pictures of the playing field in the photo gallery

You need to know the JLT Warranty! If your JLT marker (gun) malfunctions on Sunday Game Day or even if your battery is low, JLT will provide you with a rental marker for FREE until your marker is repaired. On some occasions, the marker must be sent in for repairs. JLT takes care of all the hassle - boxing of marker, phone call, etc. There is a $10 fee for shipping. It takes 4 to 5 days to ship, 2 to 5 days for repair and another 4 to 5 days for return (about 3 weekends). You will be provided with a rental for FREE until you receive your marker back. This service is provided for all markers purchased from JLT Paintball